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Crescent Ring Picure


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Quick Overview

Part #MS16632-4062, Crescent Ring

Crescent Ring

Part Number:


Housing or Shaft: Shaft
Axial/Radial/SelfLocking: radial
Housing/Shaft Dia. (Dh/Ds): 0.625  (15.88 mm)
Ring Weight (lbs per 1,000): 0.937   (0.43 Kg)
Ring Thickness Tol.:   (0.00 mm)
Ring Thickness (T): 0.035   (0.89 mm)
Ring Free Diameter Tol.: ±.006   (0.00 mm)
Ring Free Diameter (Df): 0.550   (13.97 mm)
Maximum Sec. (S Max): 0.081   (2.06 mm)
Housing/Shaft Dia. (FRACT): 5/8   
Hardness Ranges (ST): Scale: 30N / Rockwell: 66-71   
Hardness Ranges (SS): Scale: 30N / Rockwell: 63-69.5   
Hardness Ranges (BC): Scale: 15N / Rockwell: 77-82*   
Clearance Diameter (L2): 0.740   (18.80 mm)
Clear Outside Dia. (G): 0.715   (18.16 mm)

***Please Note: Item Photos above are for General Reference and may not always be exact. Please see the product description and quick overview section for complete listing of item details and any additional components and specifications***

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