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Hydraulic Jacks

GGHYD Series - A Definitive Guide on Hydraulic Jacks

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Having the capability to lift anything expands your project’s potential whether it be a simple oil change underneath your car or lifting an entire movable trailer facility used typically in the construction industry for contractors to eat and meet in. You need a jack that is going to be able to support your needs and hold safely while you perform your work.

You need to have complete trust and confidence in your jacks, and buying just any brand on the market is an unsafe thing you can do. That’s why when you are ever in need of any kind of lifting no matter the size, SPX Power Team offers you every jack style and type you can think of, that are made with unbreakable metal components that operate swiftly and steadily to give you the proper clearance that you need to perform the job.

SPX Power Team is one of the most trusted brands out here today, and you need to understand that picking the right manufacturer for a device such as a jack can be a decision of life or death.



1. Why would you need to use a jack?          back to index

Jacks are used when you are lifting up an object that weighs a lot more than your body can lift or if your object needs to stay lifted for an extended amount of time.

2. Hydraulic Bottle Jacks          back to index

Bottle jacks, are typically found in your vehicle, are used when you need to replace your flat tire or change out one of your fluids underneath. They provide a clearance of about twice their collapsed height, giving you just enough room to work. Given the minimal lifting height these types of jacks are only used for smaller jobs like the before mentioned car maintenance task or for any other relatively lower weight objects that requires minimal clearance.

You simply place the jack underneath the object you need lifting and connect your pump handles together to create a large fulcrum, making it easy for you to rotate or pump the jack up to your desired height. A single piston inside works to push up the bearing that contacts your object square by use of the hydraulic power you create with your handle.

Bottle jacks are typically smaller than other jacks, but can withstand a large lifting capacity when you purchase an SPX Power Team Hydraulic Jack. When you go with a SPX Power Team bottle jack you can expect the following incredible capabilities that will make you wonder why you ever used any that hunk of junk sitting in your garage right now.

SPX Power Team Hydraulic Bottle Jacks come in various sizes with different maximum lifting capacities so that you can fill your project needs, no matter the size, because SPX Power Team offers specific types of enhanced models like these.


SPX Power Team Low Profile Bottle Jacks

  • Comes in 10, 20, and 30 ton lifting capacities to meet your specific lifting needs lifting both vertically and horizontally
  • Carry handle on each lifting capacity model to make carrying your jack quick and easy
  • Maximum of 70 lbs. of handle effort for their 20 ton lift and as low as 50 lbs for their 30 ton model so you work less and lift more
  • All SPX Power Team jacks are tested and verified to meet ASME B30.1 regulations
  • All jacks come with a “Powerthon” Lifetime Warranty to ensure your jack meets all expectations as they are offered. SPX Power Team wants their customers to always be satisfied


SPX Power Team Standard Bottle Jacks

  • 12 different lifting capacity that range from 2 tons all the way up to 110 tons operating both vertically and horizontally
  • Handle eEffort rating capacities as low and easy as 45 lbs and as high as 90 lbs depending on the lifting capacity and size
  • Models 9110B, 9015B, 9022B, and 9033B have a base that is beveled to allow your jack to chase your lifted object so you don’t ever have to worry about the dangers of side loading your object
  • Screw extensions for your handle to reduce overall stress when rotating or pumping up your jack
  • Largest lifting capacity of 110 tons come with two pumps that allow you to operate the jack at two different speeds for when you want to quickly jack up your object or move slower to get the precise lifting height


 SPX Power Team Telescoping Bottle Jacks

  • Meets all lifting capabilities and specific features of any other jack and operates both vertically and horizontally
  • Offers an additional capability of performing extra long pumps or rotations that reduce the overall work stress required for lifting your heavy object
  • Takes away the need to crib your load with wood so that your jack can begin lifting your object earlier
  • Models 9006X, 9011X, 9013X are taller than others and also feature a beveled base so that your jack can seat correctly on your lifted object avoiding any dangerous slipping or side lifts


SPX Power Team Hydraulic Sidewinder Jack [compact size]

  • Shaped and operated like a normal Bottle Jack except with a handle function in line with the base of the jack giving you the ability to crank your jack up in very tight spaces
  • Compact size that you can fit in your hand allowing you to have the most versatile lifting abilities
  • Three different lifting capacity sizes at 5, 10, and 20 tons allows you to fit your jack in the smallest spaces, while maintaining maximum lifting power
  • Small size can fit in the palm of your hand, weighing a maximum of 17 lbslbs. of overall weight so you can take it with you anywhere
  • Can work as both a spreader or as a lifting jack, giving you even more possibilities and making it a necessity to have in your toolbox
3. Inflatable Jacks          back to index

Sometimes you are going to run into a lifting task that may seem impossible. The object you need lifted may have no standing clearance underneath it, making any jack you may be thinking of way too large to fit, even at its completely extended height. But do not worry, SPX Power Team offers a type of jack that can assist you in lifting any object no matter how low to the ground it may be.

By using an inflatable jack you have the capability to pump up to about 75 tons of weight to an object that may almost sit flat to the ground. Inflatable jacks can be very useful when you need a large surface area pried open that is tightly compressed. You need to have full capabilities when you are lifting on the heaviest of objects, and when a traditionally styled jack doesn’t have the capabilities to even fit under your object to be lifted, you need should choose an inflatable jack.

Inflatable Jacks resemble a medical water bottle but instead of filling the bladder with water you are filling it with compressed air at a required PSI of at least 115. The inflatable jack completely decompressed can fit underneath some of the smallest gaps for your lift. It is made of enforced materials that can withstand a PSI test of 175 before they are approved for sale. The bladder comes connected with an airline and valve, used to connect your air source or air compressor. The valve regulates the amount of air that is sent into the bladder while maintaining a safe flow rate. Adding too much air to an inflatable jack while it is under a load can create too much pressure compressing the bladder while too much air fills it, causing it to malfunction and possibly injure you or others around the work area.

Inflatable jacks are highly useful when attacking all your lifting requirements efficiently and safely. However, using a poorly made inflatable jack can be ineffective, break easily, or cause your bodily harm.

That’s why we suggest using a brand on the market today that you can trust and ensure that your job is getting done the most efficiently and convenient way possible - SPX Power Team.


SPX Power Team Inflatable Jacks

  • Light and flexible so inflation, deflation, and repositioning is done easily for you
  • Can be filled with any non-explosive and non-hazardous gases. As well as water—the recommended energy source is compressed air
  • 1” thick bladder when completely deflated allowing you to get under anything you need
  • Pressure tested before selling at 175 PSI while their listed maximum pressure is 116 PSI proving to you that these jacks will be able to handle extreme pressures
  • Gripped material pattern to provide you with no slip protection
  • Lifting capacity sizes range from 1.1 lbs extend all the way up to 74.8 lbs
  • Though thin when completely deflated, overall lifting height can differ from about 2.5 feet inches all the way up to 20.5 inches giving you a wide range of lifting potential to fit your specific needs
4. Toe Jacks          back to index

Toe Jacks are a versatile jack used in many different applications in many different industries and your very own garage. You can use it for heavy load lifting, lifting a forklift for service, or any other particular situation you may require.

Toe jacks are shaped and formed like your typical bottle jack, and work to lift an object by hydraulic air pushing energy up against the singular piston inside the housing. The toe part of the jack is formed at a 90 degree angle and allows you to have a picking point for your lift from the side of the object you need lifted unlike other bottle jacks that require you to have the jack completely underneath your load before you begin to crank and create hydraulic pressure inside the crankshaft.

What is beneficial about using a toe jack is that you can make a picking clearance for low and minimal picks or you can use the high angle on top of the jack for higher clearances that you need. You connect your handle together just like other bottle jacks and insert it into the handle port once you have squared up your jack to pick your load correctly with no slippage. The angled lips will help you when picking up aan object that can fit into the L shape flush by giving you a more complete pick for maximum lifting potential. By pumping the handle to your Toe Jack the internal pressure begins to build up causing the piston inside to raises as you pump more and more power into the jack. With a wide base, you can count on these jacks to firmly sit level on the ground for your safe lifting. They come with a spring that extends and contracts with your jack as you raise or lower it, and therefore will help hold your jack to at your desired position.

Toe jacks can be a versatile life saver, when you are faced with a tricky job. Using them practically and logically will enhance your performance when lifting some of the toughest and heaviest objects. However, failure to buy a quality jack made of high quality parts that can withstand massive loads and to hold them while still functioning correctly, can cause your project to loses time and labor due to breakage, damage, or worse.

SPX Power Team Toe Jacks are made with premium metal parts that can withstand any load that is within its rated lifting capacity.


SPX Power Team Toe Jacks

  • Swiveling pump handle socket make this an ideal jack for machinery lifting and positioning
  • 5 and 10 ton models come available with the swiveling jack that allows you to operate your jack from all different positions making it a very versatile jack
  • Comes in 5.5 ton, 11 ton, and 27.5 ton loading capacities so that you can have complete options when needing to apply a toe jack to your lift
  • Internal pressure relief blows out any over pressurized jacks to keep you safe
  • Components of the jack such as the base, toe, and pumping handle all swivel by themselves adding extra versatility for confined space lifts
5. Heavy Equipment Jacks          back to index

Hydraulic jacks can assist industrial workers, commercial workers and do it yourselfers” in so many ways, that we may have never thought possible. Compact sizes and even mini sizes allow you to lift any part of an object in almost any location.

When you’re required to lift a heavy piece of equipment for servicinges, a simple bottle or toe jack like we have mentioned already, isn’t going to do the trick. These massive pieces of machinery require loading capacities that are behind the capabilities of other jacks. You need a rock solid jack that was forged together with highest of quality materials. Failure to do this can cause harmful dangers to you and others working around you.

This is why it is so important for anyone that is going to use a hydraulic jack to understand the overall weight of the object they are lifting, and then to correspond that to the lifting capacities and functions of other various hydraulic jacks. Heavy equipment jacks work like a regular bottle jack although it is built with larger material that is too heavy for you to carry and is therefore usually placed on a push cart to allow you to move it around your job site. Once set into place, lock your brakes, position your jack head to the proper picking point of your object, and begin to pump the handle up and down for nice and easy lifting. When coming back down, make sure all hands and feet are clear of the load and press the pressure relief lever usually found inside the main handle. This will release the built up pressure you created by pumping early and will cause the jack to collapse at your speed.

SPX Power Team offers an incredible hydraulic jack that is strong enough to withstand heavy equipment weights as like a full sized railcar can be. SPX Power Team provides you with these amazingly efficient jacks to choose from.


SPX Power Team PL Heavy Equipment Jack

  • Comes in different sizes with a lifting capacity of 60 – 100 tons to lift some of the heaviest objects you will come across
  • Placed on a cart with high end tires that are low end resistant and filled with foam to push and pull it over the toughest terrains while maintaining stability during your lifts
  • Cart comes with a ergonomically correct handle making moving the jack and lower/raising it an ease
  • Max lifting height of 70” and a collapse height at 24” enable you to handle any large sized clearance requirements
  • Can come in both electric or air powered hydraulics allowing you both convenient options without the waste of fuel
  • Includes cribbing to stack for those lifts that need a softener or that you need to add just a few more inches of height to store easily on the push-cart assembly
6. Portable Railroad Jacks          back to index

Hydraulic Jacks can be used from the smallest lifting jobs to some of the heaviest and most dangerous lifts required. When a railcar requires a servicing, and you need to add enough clearance to safely operate underneath it to service the car. You are going to want to use a Railroad jJack to properly lift the railcar effectively and safely.

Bullet style railcars that are empty of any materials inside its cylinder can be some of the heaviest pieces of equipment you will come across. Forged and welded by some of the best welders in the world, these railcars must withstand any weather condition, any accidental roll off the tracks, and any catastrophic event so that the materials it is holding stay inside the cylinder with no leakage. The same goes for boxcars also having more open space, these rail cars can weigh just as heavy and require the same amount of service the bullet style do.

You need a jack that is going to withstand these massive loads, that will stand its ground, and lift the railcar or object around that weight size for a long period of time, and you absolutely must have a jack this size that allows you to be mobile easily to position yourself and the jack in the safest location while trekking over the tracks and slopes on each side. SPX Power Teams portable railroad jack can do all of that and more and is the only brand you should ever trust for a job of this magnitude.


SPX Power Team Portable Railroad Jack

  • 100 ton lifting capacity for those lifts you used to think were impossible
  • SPX Power Team offers both an air powered and electrically powered jack giving you the freedom of choice in your energy source according your surrounding resources for your lifting
  • Jacking cylinder is bolted to a joint that uses its base plate that is connected to the cylinder itself. With this extra support SPX Power Teams Railroad Jack is able to lift the most worn out and abused jacks
  • Adequate storage space on moveable cart to keep your cribbing material and take it with you wherever you go
  • Remote control for operating lift that creates a large distance between you and the dangers of your heavy lift at 20 ft
  • Long lasting tires are easy to maneuver your jack over all kinds of terrain, leaving a minimal track behind it so you don’t have to worry about getting yourself stuck
  • Handle adjusts to any position easily to position the jack to the best picking point available
7. Post Tension/Stress Jacks          back to index

Post tension or stress jacks are used in the construction industry mostly for concrete, masonry, and other structural elements. When using a jack such as this you are applying it for compression purposes rather than lifting a heavy object.

When you have a concrete job that requires a pour of cement that will be the solid foundation to your overall structure, then you need to apply tension to the tendons that are ran throughout the concrete. These tendons are ran through the entire concrete slab contained by its form, holding the cement in place to dry in the desired shape. Once the concrete has cured and has completely dried, you place your post tension/stress jack on the concrete surface and connect it to the tendons. You then crank your jack to pull tension on these tendons until their maximum capacity. Once reached and the tension is applied throughout the slab, you can release your jack with the tension power being transferred to the concrete itself so that it has a much more solid foundation to hold up your structure, by already withstanding external force before your entire structures weight is applied to it.

How a post tension/stress jack works in this process is by first placing your jack bearing up against the concretes anchor and pulls the steel to you to the required desired forced that is required. Once the jack pulls the tendons to your specified force, and the steel is stretched within the concrete, then you will have created compression against the concrete and anchored down the steel tendons to always hold that tension and force, to give your concrete projects durability that will last a lifetime.


SPX Power Team Monostrand Post Tension/Stress Jack

  • Both single acting and double acting models available
  • Six different models, with three having a cylinder lifting or pulling capacity of 20 or 30 tons
  • Single acting jacks with a 10” stroke and double acting jacks with an 8 ½” stroke can be modified if you place a special order with SPX Power team
  • 3” nose seating comes connected with purchase, but has the option of being interchangeable with a 6” nose seating as well, to properly work for your specific project
  • Only the highest quality of long lasting steel parts that are easy to take apart for routine maintenance needed
  • All of the hydraulic power is in fluid form internally, working always inside to ensure your components and parts are operating efficiently without worry about collecting debris and other contaminates that can damage and decrease the jacks performance or speed
  • SPX Power Team uniquely designed control valves for post tension jacks are available to you, unlike any other brand out there
  • Requires a pump to operate it, which SPX Power Team conveniently offers their own to purchase with your post tension/ stress jack so that you have completely compatible parts for your jacking needs


8. In Conclusion          back to index

SPX Power Team is a company that offers something jacks for everyone who may need to lift, spread, or compress during the operations of their personal or large business projects. There is no lift that SPX Power Team Jacks can’t handle safely, efficiently, and just plain better than any other brand you may come across. Go with dependability, and keep yourself safer with SPX Power Team’s wide range of high performance hydraulic jacks.

Hydraulic jacks have been around a long time. But even the passage of time and advances in technology won’t put them out of commission. If anything, modern technology has made them better, safer, and longer lasting. And nobody who runs heavy vehicles or machinery can do without one. We have made sure there is the right hydraulic jack for you in our range, whether yours is a 2-ton delivery van or a 100-ton mining hauler truck.

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