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CEJN - Quick Connect Hydraulic and Pneumatics Couplings and Accessories Manufacturer


CEJN is an industrial corporation that manufactures quick connecting couplings for pneumatic and hydraulic systems. The company was started by Carl Erik Josef Nyberg in 1955 with the design and patenting of a quick connect coupling that addressed the problems of leaking and general efficiency of the couplings used in compressed air systems back then.


CEJN, named after the initials from Nyberg’s own name, grew from that one product and now manufactures couplings for the compressed air, oil, and other fluids for different industries. The company’s products are distributed worldwide through a network of distributors. CEJN has its industrial headquarters in Gurnee, Illinois, USA.

Standard Couplings and Nipples

CEJN standard couplings and nipples are designed with the same guiding promise of eliminating the two factors responsible for the majority of energy loss issues on compressed air systems. These are leaks and pressure drops. All the series in the standard range focus on the those two problem areas, with a few design variations meant to adapt them to specific use environments;


  • Series 141, DN 2.5, which are made with extremely small external dimensions that are well suited for vacuum and fluid lines as well as pneumatic applications. These couplings are designed for one hand operation.


  • Series 220, DN 5 that is marked by high flow rates and small external dimensions. They also use safety rings to prevent accidental disconnection. The safety rings are however, only available upon request.


  • Series 315, DN 7.5, which do not require a high connection force and yet produce the same high level of performance. The couplings also use a two-stage disconnection mechanism that lowers the risk of injuries resulting from sudden disconnection. The couplings are lightweight and yet strong and durable. They can also be ordered with anti-hose whip nipples.


  • Series 326, DN 6.2, which are designed for use in tough conditions and for which one hand operation minimizes injury to operators. The couplings’ tough construction makes them compatible with aggressive media, like food, steam, and oil. The couplings are also supplied with protective dust caps.

ESafe Couplings & Nipples

ESafe couplings are high precision pneumatic connectors that are designed to eliminate hose whip and to ensure the safety of users. The couplings in this range require a low connection force, producing comparatively high flow rates. The couplings vent before disconnection from the supply line, which removes the risk of hose whip. They are operated automatically and, thus, considerably more efficient.


There are several different Series in the eSafe range itself, namely;


  • Series 300 eSafe, DN 5.5, which is a safety coupling operated by one hand and eliminates hose whip risk by venting before it disconnects. The couplings have a strong build and are also available in both multi-link and soft-line versions,


  • Series 310 eSafe, DN 5.3, whose standout feature is that it disconnects in two stages, venting the coupling in the process and reducing the risk of the components separating too suddenly. The male threads on the coupling also come with a thread sealant already applied,


  • Series 315 eSafe, DN 7.5, which has couplings and nipples that come with a thread sealant pre-applied and has the same vented safety feature available. However, these couplings are noticeably lightweight, but with the same signature CEJN strength and durability,


  • Series 320 eSafe, DN 7.6, apart from the same features you get on the couplings on the series mentioned above, is made in an easy-to-handle design, with smaller outside dimensions. The flow capacity for these couplings is extremely high. The series is also available in stainless steel,


  • Series 326 eSafe, DN 7.6 Stainless steel - an easy-to-grip, high performance coupling that guarantees very high flows. The couplings in this series use a unique, built-in safety feature that eliminates pneumatic recoil. They have all exposed components made out of stainless steel to ensure a longer service life,


  • Series 410 eSafe, DN 10.4, which spot the original CEJN design with one hand operation, fully automatic operation, and vented safety function, but with extremely high flow. The couplings are also available in multi-link and soft-line, as well as standard versions,


  • Series 430 eSafe, DN 8.2 that is one hand operated, is fully automatic for more efficient handling, vents before disconnection to remove risk of hose whip, and has smaller, compact build dimensions,


  • Series 550 eSafe, DN 11, which have the same safety features as other couplings in the eSafe range. What makes them slightly different is that they are much smaller while at the same time producing much higher flow rates when compared to couplings in the other series.

Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulic Products

The different connectors and accessories available in CEJN’s Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulic Products range benefit from over 40 years of product research and design and just as many years of monitoring existing products to determine what works and what doesn’t. The result is hydraulic connectors and hoses trusted for their high quality.

Ultra High-Pressure Couplings and Nipples

The nipples in the hydraulic products range are offered in multiple series. All the couplings in the different series are widely trusted and can be seen used on sailing ships, subsea exploration equipment, and many other hydraulic high-pressure applications. The couplings and nipples are designed to prevent spills, leaks, and air suction during connection and disconnection. Here are the different series with their different design and use specifications;


  • Series 115 - 14,500 PSI (1000 bar), which are made to extremely small outside dimensions. A safety ring mechanism prevents accidental disconnection, while plastic dust caps extend the couplings use life. The nipples can also be ordered with a rupture valve that closes to prevent oil spills that could cause serious environmental damage. All exposed components are zinc-plated to stop them from corroding. The couplings can handle working pressures of up to 14,500 psi.


  • Series 116 - 21,750 PSI (1500 bar), where both no-drip connection and disconnection are standard, the couplings also spot a locking sleeve design that removes the risk of unintended disconnection. As well as the standard design, these couplings are also available with a flat face design that allows use in bolt tensioner tools, cylinders, bearing pullers, and others. They have nickel plating that gives them great resistance to corrosion. Plastic caps that prolong the product’s use life come standard, while aluminum caps can be ordered on their own,


  • Series 116 Stainless Steel, 21,750 PSI (150 MPa) are rated at 21,750 psi maximum working pressure. While all other features standard on the Series 116 couplings are also available on this series, the couplings on this series are specially plated for even harsher conditions, with some even coming with exposed components that are made of acid proof steel. These couplings can be used on compressed air powered tools like wrenches, pullers, and tensioners,


  • Series 116 T-Connection, which are one-piece coupling and nipple combinations that are supremely convenient where you have to make multiple connections from one supply point. The great advantage is you are able to minimize the risk of leaks due to the reduced number of connections required. There is also a modified seal that allows for the nipple valve to be engaged while disconnected. The T-connection has a small, compact design and comes pre-assembled and ready for installation,


  • Series 117 - 14,500 PSI (1000 bar), with couplings that are similar in both features and applications to the Series 115. The couplings may be used for use situations, alongside the Series 115 couplings, where the system forbids interconnection. Used together, these couplings are extremely efficient. They are offered with plastic cups on both the couplings and nipples,


  • Series 125 - 29,000 PSI (2000 bar) that offers the same standard features, like plastic dust caps, a patented seal design, small outside dimensions, and all exposed components that have strong resistance to corrosion, thanks to a zinc plated construction. Suitable applications include use with bearing pullers and nut runners,


  • Series 125 - 36,259 PSI (2500 bar), with the same standard features, including plastic dust caps and very small outside dimensions, the couplings are rated for maximum pressures of 36,250 psi. They are suitable for use with bearing pullers and bolt tensioners.


  • Series 135 - 43,500 PSI (3000 bar), which are couplings that push the maximum pressure rating up a notch to as much as 43,500 psi. Such high pressures demand that couplings be tested to full working pressures before they can be released to customers. This ensures the couplings aren’t only fit for purpose but are also safe to use. Use these couplings if you would like make it faster and safer to connect pumps and accessories. The nipples are available in swivel as well non-swivel configurations. CEJN recommends using these with nut splitters, bearing pullers, and hydraulic test installations.


  • Series 140 - 58,000 PSI (4000 bar), which are specified for use on such extreme applications like rock face cracking in mining and when removing steel wheels from train locomotives. This is thanks to the series’ high pressure rating. These couplings are also pressure tested before delivery to ensure strict adherence to their use specifications. Where the other series only have plastic caps as standard on both couplings and nipples, this series uses anodized aluminum caps to keep out any dust and dirt that may damage the valve,


  • Series 218 - 14,500 PSI (1000 bar) -  A CEJN original design from the high pressure range, with features such as non-drip connection and disconnection, plastic dust caps, and small outside dimensions. CEJN recommends to use these where large flow rates are desired.

Breathing Air Products

CEJN manufactures a range of breathing air products for use by divers, firefighters, people in offshore oil exploration, and on life support systems in medical facilities. Because of the high-risk nature of breathing air applications, as are meant to sustain life, these products are made, and must conform to the highest quality standards.

Breathing Air Couplings and Nipples

Couplings and nipples for breathing air applications must never fail. As a result, these are made to the strictest specifications and have to go through stringent tests before they are certified safe for use and released into the trade. CEJN breathing air couplings and nipples come in different series, namely;


  • Series 141, which are designed for one hand operation and are some of the smallest available on the market. The couplings are specified for pneumatic applications, but they can also be used on vacuum and fluid lines,
  • Series 221 that are also marked by extremely small outer dimensions, high flow rates, one hand operation functionality, and their suitability for varied fluid applications, including use on injection molding lines,


  • Series 340, with a special design that makes them suitable for H2S safety cascade and breathing air systems. The couplings have a ‘push-and-disconnect’ safety feature, which prevents accidental disconnection. The couplings come pre-greased.


  • Series 341, whose automatic locking mechanism is a key safety feature that prevents unintended disconnection. Another distinguishing feature is the couplings’ extremely high flow capacity and the wide choice of connections available. A locking sleeve that makes the couplings easy to grip also makes them highly suitable for diving applications, while nickel plating gives the couplings good corrosion resistance,


  • Series 342, which spot the same features and delivers much of the same benefits as the Series 341 couplings. The couplings in this series are also designed for use in tough conditions. The locking sleeve is made from hardened zinc-plated steel,


  • Series 344, with a distinctly lightweight body and much the same features as the Series 342 couplings. These couplings can also be supplied with stainless steel nipples. Because of the specially designed valves, these couplings are highly recommended for breathing air equipment for fire firefighters. They are also just as effective when used for deep water diving applications,


  • Series 344, which, along with the features and benefits available with the Series 344 couplings spot a smaller design. That gives them lighter weight while delivering the same level of performance. The couplings are recommended for applications that require extremely high flow capacities, like firefighting and diving equipment,


  • Series 345, which, to be suitable for applications that demand extremely high flow rates, feature a double shut-off and both a valve and nipple on the same coupling. The series also utilizes the same safety features and grip-friendly locking sleeve that are standard on other CEJN breathing products,


  • Series 346, with the same standard safety features to guard against unintentional disconnection and extremely high flow capacity. These series is marked for their suitability for offshore service and similarly aggressive use areas,


  • Series 348, whose distinguishing features include a partial stainless steel construction and a double shut-off that is made possible by a valved nipple. This design is well adapted to fire-fighting applications. The series offers a connection force that is lower than comparable series,


  • Series 441 that harnesses the same safety features and benefits available on the other series. However, the nickel-plated brass constructed body makes the couplings suitable for wet/moist, highly corrosive environments. The couplings also deliver very high flow rates,


  • Series 442, which, spotting a zinc-plated brass body, is designed for applications where rough handling and extremely tough conditions are common. Safety features include the same standard locking sleeve that derives its own tough body from a hardened zinc-plated steel. The locking sleeve prevents unintended disconnection which will cut breathing air supply and put breathing air users’ lives at risk.

Spiral Anti Spark Hose

All breathing air equipment requires a compatible hose to transfer the air from the portable tank to the inhaling apparatus a person will use. As you would expect, and due to the extremely tough conditions they have to be used in, the hoses must be made to very high quality standards.

The CEJN spiral anti spark hoses are offered in a choice of green spiral hoses without any braiding and a braided black straight hose. The hoses are designed for extended life cycles.

And because they are so strong, with remarkable resistance to sparks and scorching, the hoses are suitable for use in such tough environments as welding workshops. These hoses have great resistance to non-aqueous fluids like oil and grease and are perfectly adapted for use on fixed workstations and on assembly lines.

Button Style Couplings & Nipples

These are couplings with a special button design that can be disengaged in two steps to vent any air that may still be trapped in the air line. This is meant to prevent injury to people working on the compressed air line or with the connected tools.


Series 291, DN 5.5 couplings use the original CEJN design but now spots a new shape that meets the changing demands of industrial users. The couplings in the series, which are also available in two other sizes on the 381 and 471 series, are rigorously tested to ensure they maintain compliance with the ISO 4414 standard.

Just as the Series 291, DN 5.5 couplings, the Series 381, DN 8 also spot an ergonomic and compact shape that addresses the evolving requirements of their industrial users. However, the couplings on this series are also noticeably lighter, without any making sacrifice on their level of performance. The two-step disconnection mechanism is also an important safety feature available on the series.


The Series 471, DN 11 is the last one in this series. Using the same design, and with the same two-stage disconnection, new shape, and compact design, the couplings have larger dimensions than the ones on the other series. They are, however, also available in two smaller sizes.

Lightweight Couplings

These are pneumatic couplings designed to be significantly lighter than any other couplings on the market. In fact, these couplings are 50 percent lighter than any other coupling in the CEJN ranges, and as much as 70 percent lighter than anything else on the market. Their high grade aluminum bodies not only guarantee that they will be remarkably light, they also mean the couplings also offer very low magnetic interference.


Identifiable by their Series 320, DN 7.6 classification, these couplings are made to a Euro-centric design that also guarantees high flow rates, thanks to the original valve design. One hand operation ensures the couplings are easy to handle, for long, trouble-free service. The male threads on both the couplings and nipples are supplied with the thread sealant pre-applied.

Multi-Link System Couplings

Multi-link quick connect couplings are meant to provide more connection points on the same air supply line without curtailing the flow as is common when you use T-connectors. The units are designed to allow expansion of up to five units connected side by side. They are a great way to reduce clutter on workstations. The couplings are offered under the 300, 310, 315, and 320 eSafe Multi-Link Series.


There is also a multi-link female adapter with the same design that can also be extended by connecting up to five individual adapters alongside each other. The Multi link series of couplings and female adapters come in ready-made units, without need for any assembly.


CEJN supplies a line of polyurethane hoses that are designed especially for use with their line of pneumatic couplings and nipples. The special blend of materials and manufacturing process used for these hoses ensure long use life and resistance to oils and solvent fluids. The hoses come in different types;


  • Straight Braided PUR Hose, which is lightweight and flexible, is very strong and resists abrasion, and has good memory,


  • Straight Non-Braided PUR Hose that is long lasting and is recommended for push-to-connect fittings,


  • Straight Braided Anti-Spark PUR Hose, with remarkable strength and great scorch and spark resistance. This makes the hose a good choice for welding workshops and other similarly harsh tough use environments,


  • Straight Braided Water PUR Hose that is well adapted for compressed air supply use, where conditions are especially damp or wet. With excellent resistance to abrasion, the hose is made with three layers of a braided polyurethane, a polyester fibre, and a third ether based polyurethane,


  • Spiral Non-Braided PUR Hose, which is a good choice for use environments where the hose will need to have excellent recoil ability. Besides its excellent memory, the hose also has great crimp resistance. It resists abrasion and handles oils and solvents well,


  • Spiral Anti-Spark Hose, which, besides its excellent recoil ability, has remarkable spark and scratch resistance. The hose is suitable for use in tough environments where there is a heightened risk of abrasions and scorching from electrical sparks. It also works just as well on breathing applications,


  • Straight Braided Antistatic Hose, which is made from EPDM rubber that gives it extreme flexibility and great weather resistance. The rubber material also gives the hose great antistatic properties, which minimizes the risk of sparks that may cause explosions and other fire risks.

Hose kits

The pneumatic range of hoses also comes with a line of pre-assembled hose kits for those who may want to avoid the added work of assembling the components themselves. Available under different series, the kits include a straight or coiled hose, stream-line couplings, as well as nipples and swivels.


There is also a series that come with an anti-static EPDM hose that is supremely flexible and has great resistance to static electricity. Also available here are hose kits with adapters and accessories. The adapter is a fixed one used to connect the blow gun accessory. All hose kits are designed to be reusable and to produce airtight, leak-free connections.

Hose Kits and Accessories

CEJN also supplies pre-assembled hose kits for users who may want to avoid the hustle of assembling the individual components themselves. These ready-to-use hose kits consist of a polyurethane hose, the coupling, as well as the nipples and swivels.

The Spiral PUR Hose comes pre-assembled with a fixed length, anti-spark spiral hose and Series 342 couplings and nipples. The coupling connectors are reusable and are designed to provide leak-free connections that will give you years of trouble-free service.


There is also the Low Pressure PVC Hose, with stainless steel ferrules, that is supplied in custom lengths and couplings and nipples chosen from the 341, 342, 344, 345, or 346 series.


The other hose kit, Low Pressure Rubber Hose, is a rubber hose with great flexibility, even in low temperatures. The hoses come pre-assembled with tough stainless steel ferrules and have great resistance to abrasion and harsh chemicals. You have the convenience of ordering your hose in custom lengths and a wide choice of couplings and nipples from the 341, 342, 344, 345, or 346 series.


You would expect some hose fittings to come off and get lost due to hose misuse and other adverse use conditions. When that happens, you will want to be able to replace the fittings without much hassle. Thankfully, CEJN has you covered with all the necessary fittings readily available from distributors.


Accessories available include Y, T, L, and Cross hose connectors, bushings, ball valves, plugs, and male-to-male adapters. All connectors are zinc plated to protect them from corrosion. They also have safety features that minimize the risk of bursts resulting from high working pressure. All these attributes adapts the connectors to a variety of applications.

Hose & Cable Safety Reels – Closed

This is a line of safety reels that provide an easy and convenient way to use and store your electrical cables as well as your air and water hoses. The reel can be mounted to a wall or ceiling, which, because of the reel’s retraction force, means you will not have to manually roll your cables and hoses after use.


Made in Sweden, these closed hose and cable safety reels come in a choice of water and compressed air hoses. The compressed air hose reels are manufactured to standards and materials that ensure they can withstand heavy wear and prolonged use in tough environments. On the other hand, the water hose reels have great corrosion resistance since they will mostly be used in wet environments.


Hoses for hose and safety reels are available in different lengths. Should the hose on the safety reel wear out to the point it is no longer safe to use, replacements are also available. The replacements can be ordered separately.

Hose Reels – Open

These are open reels, with spun discs that have safe, rolled edges that hold the hoses together. The reels come with polyurethane, rubber compressed air hoses, or without hoses, depending on how you would like to use them. The hoses on these reels are longer and larger than those you get with the closed safety reels.


The reels themselves are made from a high-quality steel and finished in a powder paint finish that protects them from corrosion and gives them a pleasing aesthetic appearance. They use a special rewind mechanism that allows the hoses to be easily rolled up when not in use.

Air & Fluid Guns

These are pressure powered blow guns designed for use by both right and left handed users. These guns are very effective when used for cleaning work spaces and wherever you may need to clean and have access to compressed air. They have handles that are easy to grip, which ensures operator comfort.

MultiFLOW Air & Fluid Guns, which is one type available from the CEJN range, produces an unparalleled blowing force, whether you are using them with compressed air or fluid. Adjustable flow settings give users greater control to set pressure levels that are safe and appropriate for the particular application. An adjustable nozzle also gives users a choice of a wide beam with great coverage or narrower jet with a penetrating force.

There is also another blow gun type, air and fluid guns, which has more ergonomic controls. The blow gun is available in different styles, including a pressure regulating version, noise reducing Star-Tip, and standard full flow.


For repairs in the event of the blow gun breaking down, individual parts and accessories can also be ordered. And for those who may want to keep a handle on the amount of pressure coming out of your blow gun, the CEJN OSHA gauge provides a fast and safe pressure measurement tool. Gauges are important for maintaining safe work conditions.

Air Treatment (FRL)

Any air you use in your compressed air powered tools will need to be cleaned before you can use it with your tools. Dirty and contaminated air can cause damage in your air tools. As such, you will need to install air filters (Filter Model 651, Filter Model 652) that remove all dust and solid dirt particles before the compressed air is fed into your power tools.


In the line, the same air will need to be regulated to ensure it flows at rates that ensure all your tools get pressure that is sufficient for their needs. Too much or inadequate pressure may damage your tools. For this, regulators (Regulator Model 651, Regulator Model 652) are used.


For air tools that need to be oiled regularly, lubricators (Lubricator Model 651, Lubricator Model 652) may also be installed on the air supply line to provide a continuous lubrication tool.


CEJN offers a choice of both small and medium sized filters that can be used in many different industries. Likewise, there are also two regulator and lubricator models that are marked by their sizes and maximum pressure ratings. 


If you intend to install two or all three - the filter, regulator, and lubricator - it may save you time to buy the pre-assembled filter+regulator (Filter/Regulator Model 652) or the filter+regulator+lubricator (FRL System Model 652, FRL Systems Model 160) sets. FRL accessories and spare parts can also be ordered separately.


As all mechanical equipment will eventually wear down and need to be replaced, CEJN has ensured users of its pneumatic products have a ready supply of replacement parts and accessories to ensure the products’ reliability.


An important accessory users will need to obtain is the Compact Pressure Tester, which avails a faster method for checking system pressure at the outlet. The pressure tester is a lightweight, easy-to-use tool that makes it easy to do pressure spot checks.


There are also accessory soft-line covers that are designed to be slipped onto couplings to give them softer edges that will protect them from abrasive forces. They also soften couplings to stop them from denting surrounding, less tough equipment.


Stream-line hose adapters, brass adapters in Y, T, and cross configurations, and male-to-male stainless steel adapters are the other accessories you can also order separately. If you have blowguns within your tool set, you will also be happy that OSHA gauges are also available as an individual accessory.

Thermal Control Products

ultraFLOW Couplings & Nipples

The couplings in this particular thermal control range are designed as an alternative solution to air line couplings previously preferred for thermal control use. They are designed for liquid cooling systems that have been deemed to be far more effective at stopping crucial equipment from overheating than their air alternatives.


However, to prevent the equally worrisome risk of damaging the same equipment, these couplings employ a flat face design that prevents spills, while guaranteeing high flow rates and low pressure drops. This ensures lower running costs and prolongs your hardware’s use life.


Series 587, DN12 Aluminum couplings are leak tested to ensure their reliability for liquid cooling. They have hard coated, high grade aluminum bodies that are lightweight and supremely durable. You can use these couplings and nipples to connect lines running different fluids, including dielectric fluids, glycol-water, and mineral or synthetic heat transfer oils.


This series of couplings use universal connections that make them highly flexible. They are also color coded to minimize the risk of cross connections. The couplings are recommended for use on cooling systems for equipment in broadcasting, transport, power electronics, industry, renewable energy, and data centers.

Multi & Auto Products

Auto Couplings Hydraulics

These couplings are designed to allow connection and disconnection while the supply line is fully pressurized. The couplings are indispensable for industrial applications where downtime due to tool changes or repair work will be costly to the operation. They are fully patented, are compatible with a variety of fluids, and can handle working pressures of up to 4,350 psi.


The couplings, which are offered in several different series that are themselves marked by their varying size specifications, are made in strong steel metal and finished in a black coating. They ensure tight connections that don’t allow any drips.

Auto-Couplings Pneumatics

These are couplings with a special design that allows them to be connected without any nipples. You still can use them with nipples if you choose to, though. However, these couplings can only be used with automatic manifold automatic connections for compressed air. Thanks to the valve’s unique design, the couplings are able to self-seal.


CEJN auto couplings are offered in the DN2.5 (Series 961), DN5 (Series 971), and the DN10 (Series 981). All these series have couplings that can handle maximum pressures of up to 145 psi but have different sizes. They are made from nickel plated brass and are specified for use with compressed air and a variety of other media.

Multi-Snap Couplings

These couplings are the manual alternative to automatic manifold connectors that are designed for fluid media. These have nipples with push-to-connect functionality and allow up to eight nipples/couplings to be connected from the same manifold.


Chrome plating on the brass and stainless steel body ensures superior strength for a long service life. There are two types of multi-snap couplings, the Multi-Snap DN8.9 and Multi-Snap DN6.2, which are separated by size.

Hydraulic Products

X65 Range - Premium ISO 16028 Flat-Face Quick Couplings

These are flat-face couplings designed for hydraulic service. The plated steel couplings have a robust construction, which perfectly adapts them for tough use conditions. There is also a security lock that prevents damage resulting from accidental disconnection.


The couplings are available in different sizes, which are identified by their different series. Maximum working pressures for the different series range from 4,351 psi up to 10,440 psi. The flat-face design helps to reduce the incidence of spills during coupling connection and disconnection.

X64 Range - ISO 16028 Flat-Face Pressure Eliminator Nipples

The main distinguishing feature on this X64 Range is the in-built pressure eliminator, which addresses the high connection problems brought on by the pressure trapped in the nipple side of the coupling.


Just as with the X65 range, the quick connect couplings in this range are available in different series, all with different sizes and pressure ratings. The bodies are built from durable plated steel. The coupling comes with a nitrile seal and can be operated by one hand.

X66 Range - ISO 16028 Flat-Face Stainless Steel

The couplings in this range essentially have same design as the X64 range, but without the pressure eliminator nipples. There is the same extra safety lock that protects against unintended disconnection, one hand operation, and the different sizes and pressure ratings for the various series available in the range.


The stainless steel body and Viton seals adapt the couplings for use in corrosive environments like food, chemical, offshore oil exploration, and pulp and paper industries.


TLX Couplings & Nipples

These are super tough couplings and nipples made from a steel alloy that is specially treated with a zinc-nickel plating to protect them from the harshest working conditions. The couplings can handle very high surge flows and come in different sizes across five series.


Due to their robust build quality, TLX couplings are well suited to the tough use conditions like those common in demolitions’ and construction industries.

Nordic Range / 525 - High Performance Poppet Type Couplings

The couplings in this range utilize a heavy duty design and build quality meant to ensure high performance and long use life. For even more improved performance, the couplings are fitted with an extra security lock and an optional eliminator that enables a low connection force even with some residual pressure sitting in the air line.


Both the couplings and nipples have a zinc-nickel plating to protect them against the stresses of tough work environments. The couplings in the Nordic range are available in different sizes and pressure ratings and are marked by their respective series.

Nordic Range / 526 - Stainless Steel High Performance Poppet Type Couplings

Couplings in this range utilize the same design and features as those on the 525 Nordic range. These are high performance quick connect couplings that are built from strong stainless steel materials to ensure they can withstand the challenging conditions for which they are made.


An important safety feature on the couplings is the manually engaged locking ring that protects users from involuntary coupling disconnection. As well as the variously sized couplings with specific pressure ratings, there are also nipple dust caps that are available as accessories on this range. There are also seal kits that come with O-rings that are meant to be replacements for the couplings’ outer seals.

Classic Range - CEJN Unique Profile

Couplings in this range use a classic CEJN design for quick connecting couplings. These are hand operated, easy-to-use couplings that are marked by their small external dimensions. The couplings, which are made from high grade steel for extra strength, require a low connection force and are available in four different sizes. Dust caps are standard across the four series in the range.


Snap-Check / 358 - Quick Connect Pressure Testing

This is a pressure check system that provides, among other utilities, a convenient way of diagnosing fluid pressure issues on pressure lines that do not have a permanent gauge installed.


The pressure testing system has a maximum pressure rating of 8,700 psi and is noted for its reliability. Also available on the series are one hand operated quick connect couplings that can handle high working pressures and can be connected while under pressure.


The pressure check system also includes a flexible thermoplastic hose that is offered in several lengths. There is also a pressure gauge with stainless steel casings and which has high accuracy rating. Accessories available include a protective rubber cover for pressure gauges, copper seals, and metal screw-on type dust caps.

Press-Check / 359 - Screw to Connect Pressure Testing (ISO 15171-2)

This is another pressure check system that monitors fluid pressures without the need for a permanent pressure gauge installed on the air supply line. This system comes with nipples that are offered with a choice of plastic or metal dust caps.


The nipples available on this pressure check system come in four different types, namely fitted ring, metal-to-metal, thread seal, and an O-ring seal. As well as these standard nipples, there are also nipples with 24 degree sealing cones, T-connections, female swivels, bulkhead connections, and others with stand pole connections.


Completing the pressure check system are pressure gauges and their connections, 90 degree elbow connections, pressure check hoses, and accessories that include rubber gauge covers as well as plastic and steel dust caps.

Multi-X Range of Couplings and Nipples

This range is noted for its innovative design, with easy-to-use connection plates with multiple ports. These are precision couplings with nipples that are equipped with pressure eliminators that protect operators from unused pressure sitting in the supply line. The couplings can be connected under pressure and are available with a choice of two, three, four, or six ports.


Both the female and male plates on the multi-X range can be outfitted with electric connectors that themselves come with dust caps. You can also order heavy duty aluminum covers to protect the plates when disconnected. Other available accessories include dust caps, mounting brackets, and a slot nut kit, which is convenient for applications where there is high vibration.

WEO Plug-In Nipples and Couplings

WEO Plug-in range of nipples and couplings employ a special design that allows for click-to-connect operation and avails self-aligning features that make them an easy-to-install choice for hydraulic systems. This proprietary design eliminates the risk of injuries resulting from coupling connecting and tightening work.


Assembly of nipples and couplings is a breeze, with no special tools, other than a simple screwdriver, required. The nipples on the range come with different hose connection configurations including straight, 45 degree, and 90 degree connections.


There are also male blind plug, female plug nipples available alongside male G-thread, female blind plug, bulkhead, straight hose connection, and standard couplings in various sizes.  A male G-thread coupling with an integral rubber is also available. You will need to check the product catalog for specifications.

WEO Swivel Connectors

These are WEO plug-in connectors with an in-built swivel that allows easy handling even when the hydraulic hose is moved about. The swivel connection can rotate a full 360 degrees to eliminate torque stress on the modern compact hoses for which they are especially suited.


The swivel couplings come with a male G-thread and an internal rubber seal. On the other hand, the nipples are a straight hose connection specially made for use with the WEO plug-in swivel series 860 couplings.

WEO Cartridge - For Use with Different Hydraulic Components

These are multi-purpose cartridges for use on different hydraulic components such as valves, pumps, filters, and motors. Their great benefit is their flexibility, which ensures they can easily integrate without any interference on the component’s performance.


Use of these cartridges improves the efficient assembly and testing of hydraulic components, which in turn lowers operational costs. By eliminating the use of adapters and female fittings, these cartridges also cut hydraulic components’ space requirements significantly.

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