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Coilhose Pneumatics - Quality Pneumatics Tools and Accessories Manufacturer

Coilhose Pneumatics is an American company that manufactures air hoses and air tool accessories from its base in East Brunswick, New Jersey. The company was established in 1969, with nylon coiled hoses as its main product. Over time the company has built a large catalog of different types of hoses and accessories including machine brass fittings like couplers and connectors, pressure gauges and related equipment such as regulators, lubricators, filters, and blow guns.

Coilhose Pneumatics’ products are aimed at pneumatics professionals, hobbyists, and large manufacturing plants which use compressed air to power their tools and different industrial systems. While the company has for long primarily targeted the American market, it now distributes its products to a world market, including the emerging markets of India, East Asia, as well as the European and South American markets.

Table of Contents


1. Coiled Hoses


Coilhose Pneumatics has invested a lot of resources in improving the coiled air hose product on which they built much of their success. Successive improvements to the product’s quality have expanded the line to include different reusable hoses. The Flexeel Reinforced Polyurethane Coil hose maintains the original reinforced polyurethane coil design, with a braided interior core and a weatherproof, protective outside jacket.


True to its Flexeel brand name, this line of hoses features an excellent memory, which makes the hoses highly flexible and adaptable to many use conditions. Though the reinforced polyurethane core is super tough, the hose itself is remarkably lightweight. The fittings on the air hoses are reusable and easy to repair, even from the field. The same hose is also available with strain relief fittings, which restricts hose bending to allow unimpeded air flow.


An alternative to the Flexeel Reinforced Polyurethane Coil hoses that isn’t as flexible is the Flexcoil with Reusable Strain Relief Fittings. Still lightweight, these hoses are kink resistant, and remain permanently coiled through their use life. The hoses are mainly used in the automotive industry. They also come with reusable and field repairable brass fittings and are offered with or without strain relief fittings.


There are further variations of the same hoses, with another, Flexcoil with Quick Connect Fittings

that are fitted with the same reusable brass fittings but with a connector or integral coupler. This saves you time you would otherwise be spending attaching the quick connects.


For those with work stations that need to be cleaned off regularly with a blowgun, like those that use abrasive tools, the same Flexcoil with Quick Connect Fittings hose is offered with a blow gun on the Flexcoil with Blow Gun. And those people that just require the hose without any fittings or accessories are catered for too. The Flexcoil without Fittings hose can be adapted to whatever your use requirements are. Since the hoses are designed with a diameter of 16 and 18 inches on the tool and air source end respectively, there is no need for an additional whip hose.

Another type of hose made from an alternative material are the nylon hoses. Nylon Coil with Fittings offer a significantly greater retraction force than Flexcoil polyurethane hoses. Made from tough nylon materials, these hoses have superior abrasion resistance and, because of their strong retraction force, are easier to store away when not in use. They come with fittings machined in-house from a high quality brass hex stock.


Like all the other Coilhose Pneumatics’ hoses, the swivel fittings on the Nylon Coil with Fittings hoses come with a sealant already applied. The nylon range of hoses also includes Nylon Coils with Quick Connects, Nylon Coils with Blow Gun, and the Bulk Nylon Coil without Fittings.


However, if your needs demand a stronger industrial grade hose, the Stowaway Coil with Fittings is a more than suitable choice. These hoses have thicker walls to provide additional protection against abrasion, grease, and gasoline. They are constructed from a nylon resin with has great abrasion and moisture resistance. They too come with strong, reusable brass fittings and strain relief fittings.


Twin Bond Nylon Coils with Fittings, on the other hand, offer two paths for transferring fluids or air instead of the standard single channel hose. They are also made from nylon, which is highly durable and offer greater retraction force. Besides that twin hose feature, twin bond hoses offer the same features and benefits as the other nylon hoses. The twin bond hose is also offered without fittings.

Flexeel and Flexcoil Fittings

The Flexeel and Flexcoil coiled hose ranges are supported by a full fittings’ spare backup. There will likely be instances where a Strain Relief Fitting, the Strain Relief itself, Hose Nut, Hose Splicers, the standard Reusable Fittings, or the ends on the Flexeel Max series hoses get lost. These can be ordered separately by referring to the parts catalog. The replacement parts are the same quality as those on the hoses that are sold with fittings.

2. Straight Hoses


Beside coiled hoses, Coilhose Pneumatics also manufactures a line of straight hoses that feature the same strength and fittings as its coiled hoses. The Flexeel with Quick Connect Fittings hose is lightweight with a reinforced polyurethane inner layer and a tough outer jacket. Because of its strength, the hose is a good alternative to bulky hoses.


The couplers and connectors on these hoses are filed repairable and made from a quality brass. The same hoses are available with Reusable Strain Relief Fittings. The strain relief setting makes it possible to repair damaged sections of the hose while out in the field and helps the hose to maintain its diameter to ensure full flow, even at a 180-degree bend. The Flexeel straight hose is also available without any fittings.


The Flexeel Max hose takes things a little further than the Flexeel straight hose. While it too is a straight hose, it adds the popular six-ball coupler with swivel action to the reusable strain relief fitting. The strain relief also has a safety plug. The hose’s bright green color makes it easy to see, while an Eel Strap make it easier to store the hose when not in use.


The next straight hose in the Coilhose Pneumatics hose catalog is the Yellow Belly Hybrid PVC Air Hose. This hose is a great alternative to traditional rubber hoses. It is made from a hybrid PVC material that remains soft even in very cold conditions, lies flat on the ground, which prevents tripping hazards, and rolls up nicely for ease of storage. The hose has great resistance to kinking and comes with quality brass fittings for durable connections.


There is also the Heavy Duty Neoprene Hose that has a tough nitrile inner layer, with textile reinforcement, and an outer jacket marked by its excellent flexibility and good oil resistance. Together with the high quality brass fittings, the hose is also electrically non-conductive, which makes it safe for use around electrical connections. The hose comes with reusable brass fittings, or with crimped on fittings. You can also order the hose without fittings.


A hose that is made for industrial and construction sites with oil and greasy surfaces is the Rubber Hose with Fittings. Commonly known as the red rubber hose with great resistance to oil and grease, this hose has an inner layer of EPDM rubber and a protective outer jacket, with textile reinforcement.


The rubber hose is a general purpose hose that can handle pressure of up to 200 psi. It is available with reusable or crimped-on brass fittings that give a strong and durable connection. The hose is available without fittings and can be made to custom lengths.


For home users and moderate flow applications like greenhouse and garden watering, Coilhose Pneumatics offers the Garden Flexeel. This garden hose has strain relief fittings that ensure unimpeded water flow even when the hose bent, which also allow in-field repair of the hose. It is made from lightweight and flexible polyurethane that makes the hose easy to roll and store away.


For applications that call for superior strength and greater resistance to abrasion and harsh chemicals, the Gilaflez Inner Braided PVC Air Hose would be the perfect choice. The hose is UV stabilized, has low memory, and spots reusable brass fittings. The hose is also fitted with a strain relief that helps to maintain its diameter and allow uninterrupted flow even with the hose bent. The Gilaflez Inner Braided PVC Air Hose can handle air pressures of up to 325 psi.


Another PVC hose, albeit one that has special additives that improve its resistance to oils and tolerance to high media pressures is the Thermoplastic Hose with Fittings. The hose, which has an inner layer with a braided reinforcement and a tough outer jacket, is perfect for industrial use. This hose is sold with brass fittings, but there is also another Thermoplastic Hose without Fittings that is offered in custom lengths for end users who may have special uses in mind.

Lock-On Rubber Series Hoses

Coilhose Pneumatics has a Lock-On Series of rubber hoses (with and without fittings) as well as rigid and swivel male and female fittings. The Lock-On rubber hose is designed for greater strength and resistance to oil and abrasion, thanks to textile reinforcement spirals that are sandwiched by an inner nitrile layer and an outer Neoprene jacket.


The Lock-On hose does not require any ferrules, crimps, or clamps for assembly. Since the rubber stretches and contracts, repairing or fitting an installation is a matter of cutting one end and forcing the barb into Lock-On rubber hose. The hose can handle working pressures of as much as 300 psi and is both reusable and repairable in the field.


The Lock-On rubber hose series also comes with Lock-On Splicer Fittings that allow users to connect two lengths of rubber hoses. These also make it possible to cut a damaged section off a hose and simply join the resulting two lengths together to form one continuous hose.


Although not part of the Lock-On Series, we can also add on here the Flexflow Bendable Hose. These hoses are designed for machinists who require a constant, precise flow of fluid for machine lubrication, cleaning, and cooling work. Because they bend so well, these hose maintain their diameter whether they are straight or bent at awkward 180 degree angles.


The hoses’ flexibility also help the operator to position the hose nozzle at precise angles. Available in multiple lengths, these hoses come with an all-brass nozzle and a durable copper core. The Flexflow Bendable Hoses are available in a choice of Neoprene or Thermoplastic has great resistance to oil and grease.

3. Lead -In Hoses and Whips


Lead-In hoses are shorter length hoses that are designed with a swivel action that allow users to connect the air tool without having to struggle with entire length of hose, which may even start to twist and kink. These lead-in hoses are perfect for isolating high vibration tools like air hammers and impact guns from couplers.


Coilhose Pneumatics’ Flexeel Polyurethane hoses are made from a reinforced polyurethane material that resists abrasion and kinking, and withstands oils. The ball swivel action increases the user’s comfort and range of motion. These lead-in hoses are also available as the more flexible Rubber General Purpose, oil-resistant Neoprene (Heavy Duty), and in Thermoplastic PVC

Coiled Pigtails - Curly lead-in hoses

With a thin, pigtail-like design, these lead-in hoses have a coiled section that elongates the hose’s length to lessen the risk of snapping and potential damage in the event of snagging. The ‘reserve length’ also increase hose efficiency and provide added comfort to the user. The hoses are also fitted with a strain relief that prevents kinking and ensures smooth, increased air flow.

Durawhip extension hose

These are lightweight hoses designed for connecting jackhammers to the supply line. These whip hoses are light and comfortable, which helps to lessen operator fatigue and extends the main hose’s service life by isolating the vibration coming from the jackhammer.


Durawhip hoses are made from strong, Flexeel reinforced polyurethane. The reusable fittings, with strain reliefs, are made from a corrosion resistant brass. This whip hose can handle working air pressures of up to 200 psi.

4. Plastic Tubing


Coilhose Pneumatics adds a line of plastic tubing to its extensive coiled and straight hose catalog. The plastic tubing is made from different plastic materials and is offered in different colors. The tubing has multiple uses across many industries thanks to its broad temperature range and high pressure rating.


There is Nylon (PA) Tubing that is extruded to close tolerances from a high quality nylon resin, is heat and light stabilized, and is compatible with Coillock Push for those who want to connect fittings. A second type, Polyurethane (PU) Tubing, is made from an ether-based resin, has greater tolerances for water and high pressure, does not kink easily, and has great flexibility.


Offering a cost effective method of running two or more lines at once, Bonded Polyurethane (PU) Tubing feature two or more color coded tubes in one bonded plastic tubing. The different colors help users to separate the different cables during blind runs. The tubing is also compatible with Coillock Push when connecting barb hose fittings. Individual hoses can be separated by simply pulling the apart.


Not as hardy as polyurethane (PU) tubing, thus only suitable for low pressure operations, Polyethylene (PE) Tubing is still manufactured from high quality resins. This gives the tubing good light resistance and superior stress tolerance. But if you are looking for a hose with even greater flexibility and great resistance to harsh chemicals, which can be sterilized repeatedly, then Polyvinyl (PVC) Tubing would be the right choice for you.


Plastic is not reputed for any great resistance to heat. Which is what makes Coilhose Pneumatics’ Weld Spatter Tubing such a remarkable product? The tubing has a 95A Polyurethane core that is protected by a tough outer jacket, which gives it protection from damage. This makes the tubing a good choice for welding and other environments where electric sparks and weld fragments are going to be flying around the work area. The tubing has unmatched resistance to oils, greases, acids, heat, ozone, and UV light. However, it will still burn if exposed to too much heat.


A special plastic tubing within this range is Nylon 11 D.O.T. Tubing. Due to the special nylon it is made from, its vacuum rating and temperature range, the tubing is most suitable for connecting instruments and accessories to air brake systems.

Plastic Tubing Accessories and Tools

In intricate tubing systems like the ones you find in automotive environments where multiple small diameter tubes are used you will need a special accessory to keep all the tubes neat and organized. This is where Tube Channels come in handy. With screw/nail holes for securing them, these tube channels can be specially cut for custom installations.


Of course, you will also need Tube Cutters. The tube cutter in this range gives you a clean cut that you can easily repeat and which makes your job easier, especially when you have to connect push-to-connect fittings. The tube cutter is made from a durable plastic and uses a replaceable blade. The cutter can cut 1/8" through to 3/4" outside diameter tubing.

5. Blow Guns - Useful for Cleaning and Drying Purposes


Blow air guns have many uses in and around the workshop. Besides use as a cleaning tool where you use the blow gun to remove dust and debris from workplaces, blow guns are also used for drying purposes.


Coilhose Pneumatics has different blow guns aimed at different users. Typhoon Blow Guns, which spot a piston design, are some of the company’s most popular. The blow guns come in various types, including High Flow Blow Guns, Multi Flow Blow Guns with a unique multi-jet nozzle that delivers more air flow, and all-metal Pro High Flow Blow Guns that are suitable for demanding applications.


Another blow gun that delivers the same performance as the larger thump blow guns, but in a much smaller size, is the Redi-Burst Pocket Blow Gun. The blow gun is small enough to be fastened to a tool belt and can even be slipped into the user’s pants’ pockets. It is designed for durability and user comfort, and takes up less storage space. 


Another blow gun, renowned for its safety features, is the Cannon High Volume Blow Gun. The blow gun also produces a more focused air stream, thanks to an assisted trigger than does not require much pull weight and shuts off in the event the tool is accidentally dropped. This blowgun comes in single nozzle, multi-jet models, and has accessories that can be bought separately.


Next in the blowgun collection is CEG Series Blow Gun. The blow gun has a unique shape and spots the same size as the standard blow guns. Yet the blow gun delivers twice as much air flow. Its ergonomic shape and rubber hand grip ensures user comfort.


The 600 Series Blow Gun cleverly eliminates the valve where you would normally place your trigger finger and instead uses a thumb lever trigger. The body is a hard wearing zinc construction with a plated finish for easier cleaning. Its ergonomic shape ensures user comfort.


A premium black finish, which provides improved corrosion resistance, marks the 600 Premium Series Blow Gun from the 600 series.


Next, the 640 Inline Series Blow Guns is a special blow gun that is installed in line to the airline, ready to be used as and when needed. These blowguns are handy for auto body shop operations where there is a constant need for cleaning. Their polished chrome finish makes the blow guns easy to clean.


Another blowgun that spots the popular pistol design is the 700 Series Blow Gun. This blow gun has a vinyl grip that provides comfort on extended use cycles. The pistol grip configuration and variable flow trigger also improves user comfort.


Slightly different, the 770 Series Blow Guns have a similar piston design but with a lightweight reinforced nylon construction. The blowgun’s light construction also makes it more comfortable to handle.


The last blow gun in the collection, which uses a completely different design, is the Air Bullet Blow Gun that is designed to clean tough-to-reach areas like holes and tubing. With a bullet-like appearance, the blowgun also uses a unique push-to-activate design. There is also a threaded steel tubing accessory that you can use to extend the air bullet’s reach.


Air Blow Off

A more powerful tool that harnesses compressed air for cleaning and drying purposes is the Air Blow Off. The Coilhose Pneumatics Blow-Off System uses a single or twin Flexflow hoses with attached nozzles to blow more solid debris off work surfaces. It is so powerful and so uniquely designed that it can be used to cool a room. The flexible hoses allow for more precise positioning of the nozzles.


The Air Blow Off uses an industrial interchange connector to channel the pressurized air from the main supply line. A needle valve helps to adjust the flow, while the unit’s strong magnetic base makes it possible to attach it to metallic surfaces where it can stand upright without the operator holding it.

6. Hose Tools and Replacement Fittings


To help users, especially when repairing damaged hoses, Coilhose Pneumatics supplies a range of small tools and replacement fittings to support their line of coiled and straight hoses. There are Hose Cutters that can cut any tubing up to 1.25 inches in diameter. These cutters are designed to give hose users a clean cut that minimizes leaks after the hose has been assembled.


The cutting blade’s use life can also be extended by simply reversing it. When you really must replace the blade, replacement blades are also available. The replacement blades are available in units, and, for heavy users, in packs of 10.


Hose Straps are also offered for those who want to keep their store rooms need and tidy. Known as the Eel-Strap, the straps have a hook and fastening loop that help to hold your rolled hoses and electric cords firmly tucked during storage or while being transported.


Some rubber fittings are quite small and thus easy to lose or misplace. That shouldn’t render your hoses, which could still be new or in very good working condition, unusable. To help in such cases, Coilhose Pneumatics also offers their hose fittings as loose fittings. These include Reusable Male and Female Fittings and Reusable Splicer Fittings, as well as a complete clamp and fittings package sold as Repair Kits for rubber hoses.

7. Tool and Hose Balancers


High quality pneumatic tools and equipment, such as those made by Coilhose Pneumatics, aren’t exactly cheap. As such, once you invest in some it is crucial that you store them safely to maximize their use life. Coilhose Pneumatics product developers are cognizant of this and have designed the right tools for this task.


Tool Balancers enable you to hang and suspend all tools weighing less than 25 pounds. This keeps the tools off the ground, away from damage by rodents and people bumping and scratching them. The tool remains securely suspended within the operator’s reach. This tool balancer uses an 8-foot braided steel cable that is kept taut by a self-contained and easily adjustable spring that balances your tools right where you place them.


Hose Balancers, on the other hand, serve a dual purpose. While they primarily provide a way of keeping your hoses nicely rolled to ensure tidy workshops, they are also equipped with a special mechanism for suspending the same tools the hoses will be supplying air to. The balancers are invaluable for maintaining clutter-free workplaces. They use a urethane blend hose with fittings and a self-contained spring for suspending your tools.

8. Couplers and Connectors


There are a lot of benefits to getting your hose fittings, couplers, and connectors from the same manufacturer you get you get your hoses. One benefit is you get the guarantee that the fittings with be made to the same exacting standards and specifications you have come to trust. The Coilhose Pneumatics range of couplers and connectors is designed to work the company’s own extensive range of hoses.


First off, there is the versatile CoBlo Coupler Blow Gun that saves as both a coupler and a blow gun. With a cleverly drilled hole and an easy push button trigger, the six ball coupler can be used as a blow gun. And you don’t even need to disconnect the air tool to use the coupler as a blow gun.


For your standard coupler needs, there is the 5-in-1 Safety Exhaust Coupler, which remains connected to the plug until all the downstream air has been bled off. This is an important safety feature that protects personnel and surrounding equipment in the event that a whipping hose is disconnected while there is still pressurized air inside the hose.


The 5-in-1 Safety Exhaust Coupler accepts five different connectors, including the Industrial Interchange, ARO interchange, Automotive (Tru-Flate) Interchange, Euro (Megaflow) Interchange, and the Lincoln Interchange coupler ranges. The coupler automatically connects even without any pressure, can be fitted to a workbench, and has no hose whip as it safely vents and disconnects under no pressure.


All connectors in the different ranges are machined from high quality steel before being plated to protect them from corrosion for maximum durability. On the other hand, all couplers have knurled bodies to give you a better grip when working in greasy and oily conditions. Both automatic and manual 6-ball couplers have 6 locking paws that give them a stable, durable connection.


We should also mention a special coupler, Coilflow Automatic Universal Couplers ("U" Series), that are designed to work with multiple interchanges. You connect them automatically by just pushing the connector and coupler together.

Ball Swivel Connectors

While Coilhose Pneumatics manufactures connectors in different sizes and for its various interchange ranges, a distinction should be made with Ball Swivel Connectors. Made from a combination of brass and hardened steel, ball swivel connectors are a more compact method of hose connection, at the same time extending the user’s range of motion.


Because of their swivel action, ball swivel connectors will give you a full flow even when angled, which reduces fatigue. If you are drawn to the benefits of this connector and yet are also concerned about dirty air damaging your air tools, there is the Ball Swivel Filter Connectors. There are Straight Filter Connectors that come without the swivel feature but that are also equipped with an inline filter to protect your air tools.

Micro Connectors and Couplers

The couplers and connectors in the Micro Type 20 Series have a super compact design that make their size ideal for instrumentation applications and miniature pneumatics. They spot protective, brass plating

and can handle input pressure of up to 500 psi. The micro couplers also feature the same compact design, are available in valved and non valved configurations, and have brass plating with great corrosion resistance.

Moldflow Series of Couplers

Incorporating a permanently angled design, but not as flexible as the swivel design on the Ball Swivel Connectors, Moldflow couplers are also very convenient. You have a choice of the 45° Elbow Couplers and the 90° Elbow Couplers, both of which have knurled bodies that give you a firmer grip when working with oils and greasy components. These too come in both valved and non valved configurations, but the valve on the valved version spots a brass valve and a plated sleeve.


The Moldflow Series is offered complete with matching fittings like replacement seals, connectors, and extension connectors that are longer than standard connectors to give operators a longer reach, which negates the need for pipe nipples. Besides the angled couplers, the Moldflow series also feature straight couplers for applications where those are called for.


Last but not least, there is the Straight Through Series with connectors that have a wider bore and no internal valving. The effect of this is there is a faster fluid flow through the connector. This type is super convenient for carpet cleaners and pressure washers.

9. Hose Clamps, Crimpers, and Ferrules


A hose is only as strong as its weakest spot. In most cases this is where the fitting is attached to the hose. For hoses handling lower media pressures, clamps will do the job well enough. Coilhose Pneumatics offers a range of hose clamps and installation tools that every pneumatic professional would want to have in their tool box.


There are the long lasting, zinc plated Ear Clamps and Stainless Ear Clamps that work well with low to medium air pressures, as well as the corrosion resistant, and zinc-plated Worm Drive Clamps that are also perfect for low to medium media pressures.


Of course, the collection isn’t complete without the very tool you need to correctly fasten the clamps, the Ear Clamp Pincher. With rubber handles for more comfortable handling, the pincher is available in both side and straight configurations.


For truly secure fittings most professionals trust crimping ferrules to fasten fittings on to hoses. Coilhose Pneumatics’ Hose Ferrules are made in a tough, hard wearing brass. These ferrules, installed using the very capable manual Hose Crimpers, provide a permanent clamping force that will ensure your hose fittings remain in place as long as the hose itself is still usable.


The hose crimpers are portable enough to carry wherever you need to use them. You can also fix them to a workbench if you are going to be using them from the same workshop. Crimper Dies, which come in different ferrule sizes, are sold as individual components. The dies come as two halves.

10. Manifold Compressed Air line Connections


Coilhose Pneumatics manufactures a range of manifolds that make it easy to split the air supply and channel compressed air to multiple tools all at once. These are invaluable on job sites where you need to power multiple tools and instruments.


The Pigtail Manifold Assembly feature several high quality couplers that are connected to a short length of Flexeel Polyurethane Hose. The hose has reusable brass fittings and a strain relief on the supply end. If you require spare manifolds (without the hose) you have a choice of the ready-to-go Tee Manifold Assembly, with two couplers and one connector, and the Cross Manifold Assembly that spots three couplers and one connector.


There are also large air systems where the airline has to feed different areas of the plant or workshop. For these a better way of branching the air or fluid supply is the use of manifold assemblies. The Straight Manifold & Assembly, with multiple distribution ports, is ready-to-go and made from high quality anodized aluminium. This manifold has a flow through design and screw mounting holes. It comes with good quality couplers and connectors.


A similar manifold with the same design as the Straight Manifold & Assembly, but without any fittings is the High Flow Manifold. The manifold utilizes durable aluminium in its construction and is perfect for industrial and automotive applications. For low pressure applications where space is also at a premium, there is the compact Low Profile Manifold with a space saving design. The manifold comes with 3 or 5 air distribution ports and is supplied without any fittings.


The Tripod Manifold & Assembly has a ‘shower head’ with one inlet, which is the connector end, and three outlets that jut out of the opposite, coupler end. Made from solid aluminium, the tripod is offered with and without the couplers and connector.


An alternative design to the tripod is the Flat Hex Manifold & Assembly that works great for those that require the manifold to lie flat on the surface due to space constraints. They have a mounting hole that makes it easy to fix them to a roof and wherever you need then. The manifolds are compatible with three six-ball couplers and are supplied with or without the couplers.


The next manifold type available from Coilhose Pneumatics is the Swivel Manifold. This manifold has ports that rotate a full 360 degrees around a central supply line. Offered with or without fittings, the manifold has a chrome plated brass body that has high resistance to corrosion.

11. Filters, Regulators, And Lubricators


Compressed air needs to be cleaned of dirt and solid particles before it is used to power air tools and equipment. Dirty or contaminated air can damage equipment or cause them not to work at optimal levels. Likewise, some equipment also requires the compressed air pressure used to power them is kept at controlled levels to ensure consistent quality of products. On the other hand, some air tools have moving parts that need to be lubricated continually.


Coilhose Pneumatics is one is the leading manufacturers of filters, regulators, and lubricators. These are offered as stand-alone units, as pre-assembled filter + regulator, and as filter + regulator + lubricant units. Coilhose Pneumatics has different series that are all targeted at different user groups.

Heavy Duty 88 Series - Compressed Air Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators

Coilhose Pneumatics’ standard air filters in the Heavy Duty 88 Series are designed to remove debris and moisture from compressed air systems. The filters remove dirt particles down to 40 microns. Completely serviceable, these filters are perfect for construction, automotive, and industrial applications. When properly cared for, these filters will give you years of reliable service.


On the other hand, Coalescing Filters will clean air of 99% of all fluids and solids, down to 0.01 microns. These filters spot a tough design that ensures durability. They are a perfect choice for precision equipment that requires super clean air. The filters are completely serviceable and have bowls with Bayonet locking rings that make it easy to remove bowls.


Lubricators provide an efficient medium for lubricating tools in the entire compressed air system at once, eliminating the labor of oiling each tool individually. Lubricators in the Heavy Duty Series range use polycarbonate bowls and a tamper-proof cap that locks in the oil delivery rate. They also have a fill port that allows refilling without having to depressurize the unit first.


Using the same proven, timeless design, Heavy Duty Series Regulators allow users to set their own desired compressed air pressure levels. The regulator’s tough, durable design is optimized to maintain precise pressure levels, while a diaphragm stop prevents ruptures.


Coilhose Pneumatics also sells pre-assembled sets of both Filters + Regulators, as well as the entire set of Filter + Regulator + Lubricator units. These will save users who may need to from buying and fitting these individually on the compressed air systems.

29 Series - Compressed Air Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators

This series is marked by the use of lightweight aluminium and a modular design that lends itself to multiple applications. An important feature of the filters, regulators, and lubricators in this range is that they can be serviced without disturbing the pipe installations around them.


The modular design allows for Combination Units that bring the filter and regulator together into a compact unit. Combinations units are equipped with polycarbonate bowls, 5-120 psi regulator springs, and a 40 micron filter element.


There are also pre-assembled Combination + Lubricator configurations that add a lubricator to the combination unit to form a complete filter, regulator, and lubricator configuration. However, the more standard Filter + Regulator + Lubricator configuration is also available in this 29 Series range.

27 Series - Compressed Air Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators

The filters, regulators, and lubricators in the 27 Series range also spot a modular design that offers flexibility in installation and servicing. There are also Combination Units and Combination + Lubricator Units available. While the filters in the series use the same 40 micron elements as the 29 Series filters, the bowls are made from plastic, with a protective guard.


The regulators have 1.25 inch gauge ports that can be used as additional outlet ports. A balanced poppet valve design guarantees superior regulator performance. The lubricators have a standard polycarbonate bowl with a fill port that does not require any depressurization.


The 27 Series also has a coalescing filter that does a more thorough job of removing solid dirt particles and fluids from compressed air systems. These filters remove 99.7% of dirt from your compressed air.

In-Line Series - Compressed Air Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators

The In-Line Series of air filters, regulators, and lubricators are much smaller units designed to be fitted on the air supply line for use with small air tools like staplers, grinders, and nailers. These units are made from a lightweight and durable aluminium body with great corrosion resistance.


In-Line Filters provide a last line of defense for expensive equipment used mainly on job sites where there is a lot of dust and debris. The filters use a 40 micron element to remove dirt from compressed air before it is channeled into the tool.


In-Line Flow Regulators are designed to give the user a way of fine tuning the speed of their compressed air powered tools by simply adjusting the amount of air fed into the tool. These regulators are compact, which makes them indispensable when using abrasive pads for porting cylinder heads or cleaning gasket surfaces. Like In-Line filters, these regulators are installed in-line with the air tool to be used. They can handle input pressures of up to 150 psi.


Unlike the filters and regulars in this range that are installed in-line to the compressed air powered tool, the In-Line Lubricators in the range are installed on the pulse operated tool’s air inlet port. This removes the need to make periodic drops of lubricating oil into the tool. These lubricators are more precise and eliminate the risk that tool users may forget to oil their tools and cause them serious damage. The regulator is made from anodized aluminium that resists corrosion.

Miniature Series - Small Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators for Small, Confined Spaces

Noting there are some use environments where space is extremely limited, Coilhose Pneumatics developed the Miniature range of much smaller filters, regulators, and lubricators. However, the miniature series only works well on systems with slow flow requirements, like miniature pneumatic circuits and control panels.


The filters in the miniature range use polycarbonate bowls that aren’t compatible with certain chemicals. Check what these chemicals are before you decide to buy these filters. If you require your compressed air to be even cleaner, there is also a Coalescing Filter that uses a 0.3 micron filter element to remove 99.7% of solid dirt and fluids from your compressed air. 


There are also Combination Units (filter + regulator), Combination Units + Lubricator Units, and Filter + Regulator + Lubricator Units for those who want to save themselves from assembling these units individually.

26 Series - Compact Sized Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators for Air Lines with Optimum Flow

The 26 Series of filters, regulators, and lubricators isn’t too different from the 27 Series. The filters use the same 40 micron filter elements, but instead of the plastic bowls on the 27 Series, filters on this rang use polycarbonate bowls. As with the In-line Series, there also Coalescing Filters, Combination Units, Combination Units + Lubricator Units, and Filter + Regulator + Lubricator Units in this range.

Desiccant Dryers

There are several reasons why you would want to make sure the air in your compressed air lines is completely dry. One is air that is too moist will cause metal components in your air tools to corrode. Coilhose Pneumatics sells a line of Desiccant Dryers that are probably the best way of drying air that is too wet.


Desiccant dryers in the Coilhose Pneumatics collection do not require any power and the desiccant beads can be easily serviced with a replacement desiccant pack. Drying your compressed air will only reduce its working pressure by an insignificant 1 psi, far less than the potential damage from using moisture contaminated air.


There is also a special disposable desiccant In-Line dryer that you can simply replace after it becomes moisture saturated. This dryer is installed along the airline and has an indicator that changes color when it’s now moisture saturated.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are an indispensable part of compressed air systems. Without them it gets very difficult to know just how much pressure is in the air you are pumping to your tools. The consequence is some tools may fail to work optimally resulting in poor quality work.


Coilhose Pneumatics sells two round dial gauges that help you to run your hydraulic and pneumatic systems correctly. The Back Mount Gauge, an analog style, has an accuracy of 3-2-3%. Its pressure port sits on its backside. The other, the Bottom Mount Gauge, has the same accuracy and analog style design. The difference is its pressure port sits on its bottom.

Drains – Remove Water from Compressed Air Systems

Desiccant dryers are convenient. But there are compressed air systems, especially those with long runs where they may just get overwhelmed by the drying task. Where there is normally a significant water build-up within the air line, Coilhose Pneumatics has a line of Mechanical Condensate Drains and Solid State Automatic Drains that are far more effective at removing water from your compressed air systems.


Mechanical Condensate Drains use a float switch to gather up and drain up all the built-up condensation. These drains can automatically drain water from Compressor Tanks, Coolers, and Drop legs. A manual overdrive allows for automatic draining between automatic functions.


Solid State Automatic Drains, on the other hand, open the drain valve at periodic intervals to release any built-up condensation. With a cycle time of 1 - 45 minutes, solid state automatic drains can be used to drain compressor tanks by plumbing them directly under the tanks, or to drain a series of condensation drops. These drains can also be cycled manually.

Economy Regulators - Budget Friendly Option for Simpler Applications

Not all applications require the use of precision regulators to control the air pressure in compressed air systems. Some just call for a way of controlling the speed of simple everyday air tools. These are applications where slightly inconsistent air pressure does not result in defective products coming off the production line or does not pose safety risk to tool users.


Coilhose Pneumatics sells a line of plastic, Economy Regulators with a simple piston self-relieving design. Because they are made of plastic materials, these regulators are lightweight and cheaper than those on the more exclusive ranges. These budget regulators can handle flow rates of up to 100 psi and maximum supply pressure of 150 psi.

General Purpose Series - Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators for General Industrial and Automotive Use

This series feature filters, regulators, and lubricators that can be used in most industrial and automotive environments. The filters have a durable design and are offered in several sizes. The bowls are a polycarbonate composite that is not compatible with certain chemicals. Check product listing for what these chemicals are.


Regulators and lubricators in this series spot the same classic, Coilhose Pneumatics design you find on the other series. The design emphasizes long service lives and both are offered in a broad range of sizes. If you prefer pre-assembled sets, you have a choice of Filter + Regulator Units and Filter + Regulator + Lubricator Units.


All of the Coilhose Pneumatics series of filters, regulators, and lubricators have spare accessories that are sold separately.

12. Tire Inflation Equipment


Coilhose Pneumatics markets a line of tire inflation equipment noted for efficiency and long use lives. The equipment includes inflators, pressure gauges, tire valves and repair tools and accessories. The tire inflators in the range come in different configurations including;

  • Inflators with Ball Foot Chuck, with a ball foot style that enables good clearance for most tire types, a durable zinc-coated body, and ergonomic lever for comfortable inflating,
  • Inflators with Clip-On Chuck, with a clip-on chuck that removes the need to use your hand so you can keep the chuck firmly engaged when inflating,
  • Inflators with Dual Foot Chuck, with a dual foot chuck that makes a breeze of inflating trucks and trailers with dual tires and,
  • Inflators with Straight Chuck, which usually makes it easier to keep the chuck firmly aligned to the tire’s valve.


There are also different types of pressure gauges to help you keep a handle on the amount of pressure in your vehicle’s tires so you can stay safe on the roads. These include;

  • Adjustable Service Gauges, which have a brass construction and black polyurethane finish, and a four sided indicator bar that is easy to read. They provide an easier calibration method without the need for disassembly,
  • Digital Tire Pressure Gauges that have digital, easy-to-read displays and an automatic shutoff that maximizes battery life,
  • Cheaper Economy Tire Pressure Gauges that are permanently lubricated and come in multiple colors,
  •  Heavy Duty Service Gauges that spot durable chrome plated brass bodies with die cast zinc heads, and are designed for high pressure applications. These are ideal for professionals,
  • Premium Dial Tire Pressure Gauges that have a Bourdon Style dial gauge and uses a flexible 12-inch hose to connect to the tire. A bleeder valve on the hose end allow for precise adjustment,
  • Professional Tire Pressure Gauges, which are perfect for professionals that require something reliable to use every day. These are brass body and chrome plated gauges that are permanently lubricated and use a four sided nylon indicator bar that is easy to read,
  • Standard Tire Gauges, with permanent lubrication and same standard features as the professional tire pressure gauges,
  • Standard Dial Tire Pressure Gauges with the same design as the premium dial pressure gauges, but with a less strong hose.
  • Another handy tire inflation tool, the Glad Hand is a special adapter that enables connection of a tire valve for inflation through a vehicle’s air brake systems. Safest when used with trailer brakes on tractors and other large vehicles, the Glad Hand is a convenient way of maintaining tire pressure with the pressurized air from your trailer’s brake system.


You can also get different tire accessories for the unfortunate times you experience a puncture. These accessories include patches, plugs, tire chemicals, tools, and a tire repair kit with all the above repair accessories and tools.

Coilhose Pneumatics has another collection of handy tools and accessories for the automotive industry. The Air to Spare Remote Spare Tire Hose, for one, is quite convenient. The hose provides a time-saving way of inflating your spare tires without removing them from the vehicle. 

Another useful tire inflation accessory is the Pump Connector that has a threaded end that screw onto a tire valve and a hose connector on the other hand. Made from polished brass, this adapter will be a great addition to toolboxes for everyone who owns a vehicle or any equipment that runs on wheels.

The Driveway Gong, though not targeted at car owners per se, is quite an intelligent piece of equipment. The tool, which is electrically connected to a hose that runs across a driveway, rings every time a vehicle drives over it. Simple to install and use, this tool alerts retail-type businesses every time a customer pulls up in their driveway. It is perfect for drive-in food retail places where a lot of vehicular traffic is handled


Air Chucks


Also, part of Coilhose Pneumatics’ range of tire inflation accessories is air chucks used to connect tire inflation hoses to the tire hose. These take the form of Straight Chucks, Lock-on Chucks that enable the user to lock the chuck onto the tire valve while inflating, Dual Foot Chucks that are designed for inflating double tires, and Ball End Chucks. All these chucks come in a choice of open or closed checks.

Another handy tire inflation tool, the Glad Hand is a special adapter that enables connection of a tire valve for inflation through a vehicle’s air brake systems. Safest when used with trailer brakes on tractors and other large vehicles, the Glad Hand is a convenient way of maintaining tire pressure with the pressurized air from your trailer’s brake system. 


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