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IJ4516T SPX Power Team Inflatable Jack, 44.1 Ton, 15.9" Lift UPC #662536657686

IJ4516T SPX Power Team Inflatable Jack, 44.1 Ton, 15.9" Lift UPC #662536657686

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Quick Overview

Part #IJ4516T SPX Power Team Inflatable Jack, 44.1 Ton, 15.9" Lift, 33 lbs

SPX Power Team IJ: 1 - 75 (US Ton) Inflatable Jack:

The non-skid space-age reinforced inflatable jack is perfect for many applications.

  • Highly flexible and lightweight jacks only require an air supply of 8 bar (116 psi) maximum. Water or non-explosive gas can also be used for inflation.
  • Un-inflated jacks are less than 25 mm (1 in.) thick, making lifting tasks in small spaces seem routine.
  • Constructed of non-conducting, high quality rubber material with multi-layer aramid fiber reinforcement.
  • Samples of jacks are pressure tested to 20 bar and cycle tested (10,000 inflate / deflate cycles at 8 bar for 10,000 inflate / deflate cycles).
  • The controller, shut-off and air hoses are all equipped with an industrial interchange style quick disconnect air coupler. Female half coupler bodies have a locking collar to help the operator avoid accidentally disconnecting the jack while under load.
  • The top and bottom surface of the jack has a skid resistant, interlocking pattern to assist in alignment of two jacks being used together.
  • Single jack controller with "dead man" control (part number 350090) can be used individually or in multiples to regulate the number of jacks desired.
  • Heavy attachment handles are provided on the two largest jacks for attachment of a rope or hook to help in positioning the jack.
  • Inflation hose system is color-coded (red and blue) for easy recognition when using more than one jack.
  • The jacks can be used at ambient temperatures of -20°C (-4°F) to + 50°C (+ 122°F).


-Inspect Before And After Each Use.
-Replace If Any Signs Of Degradation Or Wear That May Affect Safety Or Performance.
-Keep The Product Clean.
-Store Properly.

Order No.Lifting CapacityMax.
Lifting Height
Air VolumeWater VolumeWeight*
IJ4516T 44.1 400 15.9 405 558 62 33 15


Order No.Uninflated Dimension
(Length x Width x Thickness)
IJ4516T 28 x 28 x 0.98 708 x 708 x 25


1 225 102 0.1
5 1124 510 0.5
10 2248 1020 1.0
50 11241 5099 5.1
100 22481 10197 10.2
500 112405 50986 51.0
750 168807 76479 76.5

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