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Straight Hoses

Beside coiled hoses, Coilhose Pneumatics also manufactures a line of straight hoses that feature the same strength and fittings as its coiled hoses. The Flexeel with Quick Connect Fittings hose is lightweight with a reinforced polyurethane inner layer and a tough outer jacket. Because of its strength, the hose is a good alternative to bulky hoses.

The couplers and connectors on these hoses are filed repairable and made from a quality brass. The same hoses are available with Reusable Strain Relief Fittings. The strain relief setting makes it possible to repair damaged sections of the hose while out in the field and helps the hose to maintain its diameter to ensure full flow, even at a 180-degree bend. The Flexeel straight hose is also available without any fittings.

The Flexeel Max hose takes things a little further than the Flexeel straight hose. While it too is a straight hose, it adds the popular six-ball coupler with swivel action to the reusable strain relief fitting. The strain relief also has a safety plug. The hose’s bright green color makes it easy to see, while an Eel Strap make it easier to store the hose when not in use.

The next straight hose in the Coilhose Pneumatics hose catalog is the Yellow Belly Hybrid PVC Air Hose. This hose is a great alternative to traditional rubber hoses. It is made from a hybrid PVC material that remains soft even in very cold conditions, lies flat on the ground, which prevents tripping hazards, and rolls up nicely for ease of storage. The hose has great resistance to kinking and comes with quality brass fittings for durable connections.

There is also the Heavy Duty Neoprene Hose that has a tough nitrile inner layer, with textile reinforcement, and an outer jacket marked by its excellent flexibility and good oil resistance. Together with the high quality brass fittings, the hose is also electrically non-conductive, which makes it safe for use around electrical connections. The hose comes with reusable brass fittings, or with crimped on fittings. You can also order the hose without fittings.

A hose that is made for industrial and construction sites with oil and greasy surfaces is the Rubber Hose with Fittings. Commonly known as the red rubber hose with great resistance to oil and grease, this hose has an inner layer of EPDM rubber and a protective outer jacket, with textile reinforcement.

The rubber hose is a general purpose hose that can handle pressure of up to 200 psi. It is available with reusable or crimped-on brass fittings that give a strong and durable connection. The hose is available without fittings and can be made to custom lengths.

For home users and moderate flow applications like greenhouse and garden watering, Coilhose Pneumatics offers the Garden Flexeel. This garden hose has strain relief fittings that ensure unimpeded water flow even when the hose bent, which also allow in-field repair of the hose. It is made from lightweight and flexible polyurethane that makes the hose easy to roll and store away.

For applications that call for superior strength and greater resistance to abrasion and harsh chemicals, the Gilaflez Inner Braided PVC Air Hose would be the perfect choice. The hose is UV stabilized, has low memory, and spots reusable brass fittings. The hose is also fitted with a strain relief that helps to maintain its diameter and allow uninterrupted flow even with the hose bent. The Gilaflez Inner Braided PVC Air Hose can handle air pressures of up to 325 psi.

Another PVC hose, albeit one that has special additives that improve its resistance to oils and tolerance to high media pressures is the Thermoplastic Hose with Fittings. The hose, which has an inner layer with a braided reinforcement and a tough outer jacket, is perfect for industrial use. This hose is sold with brass fittings, but there is also another Thermoplastic Hose without Fittings that is offered in custom lengths for end users who may have special uses in mind.

Lock-On Rubber Series Hoses

Coilhose Pneumatics has a Lock-On Series of rubber hoses (with and without fittings) as well as rigid and swivel male and female fittings. The Lock-On rubber hose is designed for greater strength and resistance to oil and abrasion, thanks to textile reinforcement spirals that are sandwiched by an inner nitrile layer and an outer Neoprene jacket.

The Lock-On hose does not require any ferrules, crimps, or clamps for assembly. Since the rubber stretches and contracts, repairing or fitting an installation is a matter of cutting one end and forcing the barb into Lock-On rubber hose. The hose can handle working pressures of as much as 300 psi and is both reusable and repairable in the field.

The Lock-On rubber hose series also comes with Lock-On Splicer Fittings that allow users to connect two lengths of rubber hoses. These also make it possible to cut a damaged section off a hose and simply join the resulting two lengths together to form one continuous hose.

Although not part of the Lock-On Series, we can also add on here the Flexflow Bendable Hose. These hoses are designed for machinists who require a constant, precise flow of fluid for machine lubrication, cleaning, and cooling work. Because they bend so well, these hose maintain their diameter whether they are straight or bent at awkward 180 degree angles.

The hoses’ flexibility also help the operator to position the hose nozzle at precise angles. Available in multiple lengths, these hoses come with an all-brass nozzle and a durable copper core. The Flexflow Bendable Hoses are available in a choice of Neoprene or Thermoplastic has great resistance to oil and grease.

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