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9625 SPX Power Team Pump Pressure Switch UPC #662536127998

9625 SPX Power Team Pump Pressure Switch UPC #662536127998

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Part #9625 SPX Power Team Pump Pressure Switch, 1.1 lbs

SPX Power Team Pressure Switch

Application: Used in a hydraulic circuit where system pressure must be “held.” Automatically (electrically) turns off pump motor when predetermined system pressure is reached.

Attaches directly to control valve manifold or can be mounted “in-line” to read system pressure. Has a 1/4" NPTF male thread, and a 1/4" NPTF fitting for gauge mounting if required. Adjustable from 1,000 to 10,000 psi. Can also be used to actuate other electrical devices in the system. Wired “normally open” and held closed by spring pressure.

IMPORTANT: Electrical rating of switch is 5 amps at 250 volts max. To prevent permanent damage to switch, a control relay must be installed to handle currents or voltage exceeding these limits. Pressure switch should never be used to directly actuate the electrical motor

Order No. Description Weight (lbs.)
9625 In-line pressure switch with 1/4" NPTF gauge port. 1.1

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